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CGFA Associate Membership

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A Bachelors Degree and an Associate Membership of the IICFA is a prerequisite for enrolling for the CGFA Certification Program.



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    i would like to join the as an Associate member
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    Dear David, Thank you very much for your interest in the IICFA membership. Please note Associate Membership is only open to those who desire to become Certified Global Forensic Accountants (CGFA). The basic entry requirement the Association membership is a bachelors degree. If you meet the prerequisite for Associate Membership and desire to become a CGFA kindly request for the Associate Membership Application form by sending an email to Thank you
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    Hi; My name is Stephen D. Borbor, Jr a resident of Liberia with over three (3) years of accounting experience within the financial industry. That said, I would like to become a Chartered Certified Forensic Accountant.
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    Thank you Stephen, The CCFA program is currently available as a Capstone or Gateway for only individuals with the Chartered Accountant credential thus CA, ACCA, CPA and CIMA. You can enroll for the Certified Global Forensic Accountant, CGFA program if you are not a Chartered Accountant, but holds a Bachelors degree. Thank you

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