CCFA Capstone – 5 Part


This contains all the 5 study books for the CCFA Capstone Certification Program.



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    are the books downloaded as PDF or as paper
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    Dear Khaled, Thank you very much for contacting the IICFA and for your interest the CCFA Capstone Certification program. Please note that the books are available as PDF downloads. You will have access to them for a period of one year in your account. Thus, in case you format your computer, you can easily login to your account to download them again. Regards, Princess O. Tetteh Program Officer (CCFA Capstone)
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    Hello Princess, * I noticed that CCFA capstone exam perp manual is 6 parts while the book is five parts. Where the difference come? * I am holder of CPA and have bachelor degree in accountancy. I am wondering that if I am eligible for exemption? * Does the manual prep exam the same online prep exam structure? Your co-operation would be highly appreciated. Khaled Aly, CPA, CMA, CIA
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    Hi Princess, Does CCFA Capstone – Exam Prep Manual – 5 Part $507.60 include 5 study books. because I found the books are prices separately by $ 279.18. Please advise? Thank you, Khaled Aly
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      Dear Khaled, Thanks for your comments. The Exam prep manual includes all the 5 books including the exam prep audios as well. So you save the cost of the books and the audio version of the prep course when you purchase the exam prep manual. To enroll for the CCFA Capstone program kindly click on the online registration form to complete the online registration form. Thank you and look forward to welcoming you soon into the program.
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    Hi Princess, What is the difference between certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Charter Certified Forensic Accountants (CCFA), because I am still confused between them? Please advise? Khaled Aly
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    Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination are different, but related. In that the CFE credential can be pursued by anybody without any accounting background however, the CCFA credential is only for professional accountants who are equipped with advanced investigative skills and business valuation techniques. Most forensic accounting engagement work is done by CCFAs, but CFEs cannot do forensic accounting work as most CFEs do not posses professional accounting skills. CCFAs can perform both fraud investigation as well as forensic accounting work since they are equipped with both fraud examination/investigation and investigative accounting skills as well. Thank you.
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    Thank you Daniel so much for your responses

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